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We are a community of women, Christ’s disciples, called by God to a life of prayer, transformation, and reconciliation within ourselves, within our Companionship, within our faith communities and within the whole creation

SCHC Vocation statement adopted 1998

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In this Thanksgiving season, I give thanks for all of you, dear Companions.

Give thanks to the Lord for his earthly creation; for the transient glory of dawn and sunset and the abidingness of hills and mountains; for still pools and flowing streams. Give thanks for all the creatures who live in the waters and on the earth and for those who fly in the air. Give thanks for the wonderful variety of plants so richly clothing the hills, valley, and plains with beauty. Praise God for God’s whole Creation.

Barbara Deller, SCHC


The Boston chapter invites you and others you know who might be interested to this program on Dec. 3. Contact Robin Williams, AC-in-C for additional information.




Emily Morgan’s Letters are now available on CD! If you like to listen to books in the car or while washing the dishes, this is a real boon. Thanks to Barbara Dennis of the Minnesota Chapter, AV Chairwoman Kate Smith, and General Manager Sean McCarthy for making this possible. You can order the Letters in either MP3 format (compressed onto one CD – plays on new CD players or computers) or in a 14-CD set. The MP3 CD costs $13.00 ($10 plus $3 shipping), and the 14-CD set is $58.00 ($50 plus $8 shipping). You can also order the MP3 version electronically for $10. Contact the office to order a copy for yourself or for your chapter.  A great Christmas gift!


Don’t need more stuff? If family or friends ask for Christmas gift suggestions, consider saying that a contribution to the SCHC in your honor would be a most welcome gift.


Diversity is one of our five goals in our Long-Range Plan (along with Prayer, Visibility, Leadership, and Financial Sustainability). Assistant Companion-in-Charge Nokomis (Nikki) Wood is a trained diversity facilitator, and anti-racism competence is part of her skill set. If your chapter is interested in exploring ways to have a program concerning anti-racism, she would be pleased to be a resource.


There are still a few copies available of our Chef Adam Segal’s amazing cookbook. As a special offer for Christmas gift giving, order it now from the SCHC office for a discounted price of $20, shipping included.




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You are invited to send your original poems and prayer on the theme “Sharing Sacred Ground” to Phoebe Griswold, pwgriswald@mac.com by Jan. 15, 2017.


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